New Stuff Tuesday – August 14

With all this commotion about the upcoming election, which – minor detail – is still SIXTEEN months away, I thought that I’d feature this book.

Spanking the Donkey

Spanking the Donkey:
Dispatches from the Dumb Season
by Matt Taibbi
E905 .T35 2005
New Book Island, 2nd floor

Matt Taibbi, a columnist for the New York Press and contributor to Rolling Stone and the Nation, puts forth a book that was meant to be a campaign diary but ended up as a “compelling, and somewhat chaotic, mix of reporting, anecdote, social commentary and rant.” (Publishers Weekly review via Amazon) I would definitely identify Taibbi as left-wing, but he hates on Democrats just as much as Republicans – basically, no one is safe with this guy. He takes a hard look at the current state of American politics and the journalists that cover it. As James Wolcott, cultural critic for Vanity Fair, eloquently states, this book is “the funniest angry book and the angriest funny book since Hunter S. Thompson roared into town.”

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