Notable Internet News Bites

A couple of interesting Internet-related news bites that came out last week. Not surprisingly, Google is involved with both:

Net Neutrality Was Fun While It Lasted
News broke on Wednesday of a deal between Verizon and Google that would create online delivery pay tiers. In other words, content providers could pay internet service providers money in order to have their media streamed more quickly. As Josh Silver from the Huffington Post says, it’s the end of the Internet as we know it. This agreement between the companies will seriously endanger net neutrality, the level playing field by which all content is treated equally. Want more information? CQ Researcher, one of the library’s subscription databases, dedicated an issue to Controlling the Internet – check it out.

Google Wave Being Pulled
I remember when Google Wave debuted, and I thought to myself, “what exactly is it?” According to their website, Google Wave “lets you communicate and collaborate in real time.” Well, Search Engine Land reported Wednesday that the communication tool has crashed, with Google no longer continuing to develop the product. Apparently I wasn’t the only one that was unsure, as the company cited low adoption rates for the reason for shuttering the service. Oh well, not even Google is perfect (of course, it’s not their first failure).

Thanks to Martha and Ronna for the links!

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