Another Plagiarism Post

I can’t help it. My friends keep sharing great articles about plagiarism (on Facebook, of all places), and I feel compelled to share them on here.

Another article from the New York Times highlights the growing concern of plagiarism on college campuses. This article targets the change in philosophy of the cut-and-paste generation, one that doesn’t think about the ramifications of borrowing, lifting, re-purposing others’ work. As my friend, an instructor at a college in Illinois, commented, “I already see this in my classes, where people simply try to copy down the steps that I’m doing without thinking whatsoever about what those steps actually mean.” However, read the entire article – the last paragraph makes it worth it.

Full article:
Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age
, Trip Gabriel, New York Times

Thanks to Carlo for sharing!

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One Response to Another Plagiarism Post

  1. Infovoyeur says:

    Well see have to re-define things to appeal to the Younger Generation. Not dour dusty scholarly duti, but sport or game needing Good Form. “It’s all in how you plai the game.” Like, sloppy use of any old reference hauled in, naaahh, Bad Form–“boos”! But, deft krediting of this & that diverse varied sources, keen & kewl–“cheers”!

    Good, but wonder whether this approach of “do it rite & get pointz for it” will work with the Younger Generation. Perhaps just as well as, well, like, trying to graft the rose of advanced (well, developed) democracy upon the sturdie briar stalk of a thoroughly-tribal society. “The transplant won’t taik, will be rejected by the protective, defensive immune system….” Tooo bad…

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