Collective Bargaining Resources

Some Sources of Information on Collective Bargaining in Higher Education

 Since the new state budget allows UWS faculty and academic staff to collectively bargain for the first time, should they choose, it is important to inform ourselves about collective bargaining.


  • National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education Professions
  • Directory of Faculty Contracts and Bargaining Agents in Institutions of Higher Education (Hunter College)
  • Gary Rhoades & Sheila Slaughter, Academic Capitalism and the New Economy, (Johns Hopkins, 2004).
  • Delta Project on Post-Secondary Education Costs, Productivity and Accountability   quantitative reports

 Higher Education Faculty who are organized in the United States are generally affiliated with one of three national unions

  1. American Federation of Teachers.  AFT-WI:  [largest number of higher education union members]
  2. National Education Association:
  3. American Association of University Professors:

 Wisconsin State Resources:

Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission:

University of Wisconsin System Administration sources list

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