Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (New Stuff Tuesday)

Packaging for a card game and a dice game: taco cat goat pizza and Qwixx

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (Card Game)
Created by Dave Campbell
New Arrivals, 2nd Floor
Curr Coll, Teaching Tools, 2nd Floor GV1295.T23 T3 2017

Qwixx (Dice Game)
New Arrivals, 2nd Floor
Curr Coll, Teaching Tools, 2nd Floor,GV1303.Q93 2020

Getting stuck in the same game rut? Don’t forget that Andersen Library has a collection of board games, table games and card games to explore. Two of the newest additions to the collection are perfect for mixing things up.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is quick to pick up, and quick to devolve into silliness. The first player puts a card into the center, face-up, saying “Taco.” The next player then puts her card face-up on top of his, while saying “Cat.” Play continues this way (going “Taco” “Cat” “Goat” “Cheese” “Pizza” and so on) until a card laid matches the word spoken. Try to look at a Taco and say “Cat” – but don’t stumble, as you may get stuck having to take the full pile. Slap your hand on the deck when the card matches the word spoken, but be quick and don’t be last hand on the pile – yet another way to end up with a full hand of cards. Gorilla, Groundhog, and Narwhal cards randomly pop up, and prompt the players to action – the wrong action is yet another way to end up with a full deck.

Qwixx dice game (ages 8+) is another family friendly game that reinforces math, probability, and strategic thinking.

Visit the Curriculum Collection on the 2nd floor of Andersen Library to browse all the games available in the Teaching Tools section. Check them out as you would other library materials.

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