Parental Units’ Days

Sale SignThe venerated parental units’ days are swiftly approaching. Mother’s Day on May 12 and Father’s Day on June 16. What better a gift to give than a book? I can think of few. This May the book sale will include a plethora of subject areas, including a lot of books on psychological and political topics, but little fiction. There are also sets of books such as The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of Family Health: Doctor’s Answers. These are books that we didn’t sell the first time around, and now they’ve been drastically discounted to SUPER LOW PRICES. Just 25 cents each or $1/bag. Not bad. Most of the books were originally out between March 2012 and February 2013, although there are a few from March 2013. Books will be replenished as the shelves get bare, so come back often!

Happy Mother’s and Father’s Days, and all the holidays in between!

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Martha is a Reference & Instruction Librarian and the liaison to the Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Languages and Literatures, Mathematics, and Physics Departments
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