T3: Finding Creative Commons Media Resources

Need to find an song or image to use in the classroom or for an assignment? Want to alter an image or reuse it in a new format? UW-Whitewater has policies and resources related to copyright and fair use that can help guide your choice of media. One easy way to manage sometimes complicated copyright issues is to limit your searches to digital media that is in the Public Domain or whose creators have used Creative Commons licenses that specifically give others the right to use and/or alter the original work for non-commercial purposes. Here is a list of places to start your search for digital media:
  • Wikimedia Commons is a wiki-style database of images in the Public Domain or with Creative Commons licenses.
  • Flickr is a photo sharing site where many works have Creative Commons licenses (find these using the advanced search). FlickrStorm is another way to easily search for Flickr images without the hassle of signing in or creating an account. You can search for Creative Commons images or images anyone can use non-commercially.
  • Jamendo is a music-sharing site where independent artists have uploaded their songs for anyone to listen to and use through Creative Commons licenses.
  • Google Image Search has an Advanced Search option for limiting the results to images with a Creative Commons license.
  • The Library of Congress’ online catalog provides access to thousands of images. Many images have rights information contained in the catalog record.
  • National Archives has primary source documents, images, and video. Many of the documents and images are in the public domain and can be used with attribution.

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