When it comes to technology in the classroom at this point in time, it’s almost impossible to not use it since it has become a gigantic focal point in our society and culture. During this class we talked about and viewed videos that showed us how to effectively use these technologies in our classroom. One […]

My idea of a good and effective teaching is when an educator is able to adapt to individual student needs if that student is not understanding the course material presented to him. Another part of effective teaching would be being able to use modern technology and culture in order to get the course material to […]

When starting to teach a class yo u obviously have no idea what type of learners will be in that class. I believe the best way to prepare for the situation is to incorporate at least one activity a day for each type of learner: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. Now when it comes to cultural […]

The difference between cognitive and behaviorist perspectives is that behaviorists look only at the outside behaviors of the person while cognitive looks at how the brain works. Cognitive goes in depth on how the brain works such as memory, psycho motor movement, etc… One of the main theorists in this theory is Jean Piaget. He […]

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A major part in how we develop and construct knowledge is how we are raised by our parents. They are such a huge part because they effect and shape how we interact with our environment and people around us. If your parents teach you to be really outgoing and friendly and have positive experiences, then […]

Hi, this is John LePine and welcome to my blog! After I graduate from UW-Whitewater, I would like to go back to my home town to teach Physical Education. I would prefer to teach Elementary or High School but wouldn’t mind Middle School. My first year of college I attended UW-Marathon County up in Wausau, […]

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