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February 23, 2017 | Leave a Comment

A major part in how we develop and construct knowledge is how we are raised by our parents. They are such a huge part because they effect and shape how we interact with our environment and people around us. If your parents teach you to be really outgoing and friendly and have positive experiences, then you will continue to be outgoing throughout your life. We tend to keep habits and tendencies that we pick up at an early age since our brain is developing its foundation. This can be incorporated into my teaching because not only would the parents be molding the child’s behavior, but also I as an educator will be molding their mind as well. I will make it so that everyone is sociable and form it so that there is only positivity around the students so they have positive experiences and make them want to continue to use these skills. For instance, I could incorporate a game of soccer so that every time you pass the ball you then have to compliment the the person, making it a positive memory for the child.

Another way that children develop and construct knowledge is by doing things on their own. By giving a child the freedom you allow them to explore and try to find ways to accomplish tasks without help. This will build confidence in the child so that they will be willing to try and solve even more problems on their own, creating their own independence. One way I could incorporate this into my teaching is by giving the students an objective like throwing a ball into a hula hoop, but giving them a few restrictions so that they have to use their critical thinking skills and problem solving in order to follow the rules, but also complete the objective. And if possible, I could also allow the students to be able to work with a partner so that they could think of even more ways to do it faster and more efficient.


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