Hi, this is John LePine and welcome to my blog! After I graduate from UW-Whitewater, I would like to go back to my home town to teach Physical Education. I would prefer to teach Elementary or High School but wouldn’t mind Middle School. My first year of college I attended UW-Marathon County up in Wausau, which is where I have lived the past 16 years. I started to think about teaching Physical Education at the end of my senior year of high school. I managed my schools Girls varsity soccer team with my friend Nick Rahmlow. This is where I met the person who I can say made me decided to want to become a Physical Education Teacher, Lucas Kollross. Lucas teachers at Riverside Elementary School within the district. As head coach, Lucas was able to take the girls to the Division One state championship game, which we one. Before the final game Lucas gave a speech to all the seniors, who he had coached since they were 6 years old (12 years), that made my mind up on which career I wanted to pursue. The memories he made with the group of girls, as well as all the skills in the game of soccer and those in life, showed me what it truly meant to be a good educator. I wanted to make connections like that in my life.┬áThe speech that he gave had so much emotion to it that he even cried (sorry Lucas). But it really showed me how important the job of an educator really is and how they don’t just teach the subject they were trained to, but also about life.

I think that a good educator is someone who can relate to students and be open enough to share with them common experiences they had in their lives. Also, an educator needs to have enthusiasm for the subject that they are teaching and show it in order to try and motivate students to find something in the subject they can be interested in.


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