When starting to teach a class yo u obviously have no idea what type of learners will be in that class. I believe the best way to prepare for the situation is to incorporate at least one activity a day for each type of learner: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. Now when it comes to cultural if their is a student that is not adapted to our culture, I would research their culture and find anyways that have been proven to teach them effectively.

One difference that I may encounter could be a student who would be raised on a farm. From my high school experience, those who grew up on a farm tended to be kinesthetic learners, learners who learn by doing. If I had a large number of them in my class I would make sure to have at least one to two physical activities. Being a Physical Education teacher is a literally different but what I would do specifically is have the student do the movement or activity along with me as I did it. This way they have both a visual of how to do it correctly and I can correct them if they do it improperly. Now for teaching the other learning types, like visual I would do the same as with the kinesthetic. The only difference is I would swap out the part where I do it along with them and right it down on the board or draw. This can insure that the student gets the information and how to properly use it. In the video Teaching Strategies – Learning Styles, it talks about how highlighting keywords and terms for visual learners is key. Lastly, for the auditory learners I would try to pose a lot of questions like “Why is this the most effective way of playing this sport?” or “What are the other possibilities to playing this sport?” by doing this it causes them to understand and think of why they are doing it. Another of way I could it is have group sessions so that they can hear other ideas and perspectives to the same issue. Furthermore, another way to reinforce the auditory learner would be to repeat words or concepts that are most important so that students remember them and understand they are key.

After I have done all these different styles I would then ask all the students for feed back on what activities worked well and/or how to improve them so that they are more challenging or easier to grasp the concept.

Teaching Strategies – Learning Styles video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNxCporOofo)



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