My idea of a good and effective teaching is when an educator is able to adapt to individual student needs if that student is not understanding the course material presented to him. Another part of effective teaching would be being able to use modern technology and culture in order to get the course material to the student in the easiest way possible for them to understand. This means educators have to be knowledgeable in current trends and innovations. In the video I watched on using Google Apps and the internet in the classroom, students were able to show their abilities in researching and how to find accurate information while at the same time finding new ways to show the teacher so they could improve.

I feel that my definition of good and effective teaching hasn’t really changed much sine the beginning of the semester. What I think this class taught me was explanations onto why students are having struggles in the classroom and giving me new tools and strategies on how to help them improve in all subjects. For example, how using backwards design to create a lesson allows for an educator to think through what they really want the students to take away from the lesson and the best ways to ensure that students are really engaged and are confident when they are being assessed.

I think the standard that this course helped me with the most was standard number four which said “Teachers know how to teach”. In the class we learned about the different instructional strategies such as teacher centered and student centered. The main thing I took away from these strategies specifically is that student centered is becoming the more modern approach. Not saying that teacher centered is bad, but in order to be an effective teacher you need to know your students so that you can choose the appropriate strategy that works best for them, and if possible, be able to use both.

The most significant thing I learned this semester was the importance of meeting individual student needs. I read an article that was talking about the concept of a charter school and why students can benefit from it. They are able to personalize each students learning environment so that they can help students who are struggling in specific areas and are able to help them speed up their learning process. This is gives them a motivation since they have such a big role in their own teaching. (

In order to help my digital online identity, I can make myself look more professional and make sure that future employers know what I am a part of to show community involvement. This well help by showing my engagement level and interest in education so that school districts want to hire me.

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