How to Manage Stress

Everyone has their own types of stress and everyone needs to find their own way to cope with their stress. There’s no way to avoid stress, but there are ways to make yourself feel better.

One thing that I always do when I start getting stress is to remove myself from the situation. Whether it’s something for work or something for school I simply pause and take a step back from the situation and analyze it. Why am I getting stress? What is causing my stress? What would relieve my stress? These are all questions I tend to ask myself to analyze the situation I’m in.

Once I step back from the situation, I give myself a break. Whether it is for 30 minutes or an hour. Give yourself a break. Grab your phone, earbuds, and water bottle and get outside.

Go for a walk. Fresh air is absolutely needed when dealing with a stressful day. Play your favorite music and go on a walk for at least 30 minutes to clear your head. Do some breathing exercises as well. The fresh air, the sunlight and the enjoyment you get from your music will all put yourself more in a relaxed and you will be ready to face your problem with a more positive mind.

Remember to also keep yourself hydrated to keep yourself energized and fresh. It’s a lot harder to face stressful situations when you feel dehydrated and groggy. And remember, the stress you’re feeling isn’t permanent. It will pass and you will accomplish what you need to accomplish. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and relax. It’s going to be okay and you will get through it.

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4 thoughts on “How to Manage Stress”

  1. Hi Nichole!
    I recently posted about stress management; however, you made a great point I hadn’t addressed. I’ll be the first to say, I am guilty of over stressing myself, but not on purpose! I have a terrible habit of looking at the larger picture and forgetting to pause and take a breather. It is essential, especially managing online school, to make time for yourself. I will deffinetley take your advice to go for a walk and staying hydrated to clear my head. I mean, how much can you truly accomplish when your brain is on overload?!

  2. Stepping back and taking a break is something I always do when I’m stressed. Sometimes, if I’ve been working on an assignment for a while, I’ll take a break by playing my guitar for a while. If I don’t, the assignment tends to drag on longer than it would have if I had just taken a short break.

  3. Hi! I think this is the perfect blog to read coming up to midterm exams! I always find myself way more relaxed after a light walk outside, I’ll have to remember that next time I feel burned out and stressed! Thanks

  4. I tend to overstress pretty often. It’s definitely important to take a break once in a while in order take better care of myself. I usually listen to some music or watch an episode of a show I’m watching at that moment. With online schooling, I should start going walks to help clear my head with all the assignments professors have been giving us.

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