Fun workouts for students with a tight schedule

You don’t have to plan an hour at the gym of running and heavy lifting to consider yourself healthy and keep yourself in shape. Working out should be fun and should not be considered a chore!

It is always hard to find the motivation to workout, but it makes it easier if you make it fun and what if I told you it was only 15 minutes? You read that right, 15 minutes!

“MadFit” on YouTube has these “dance party” workouts that consist of familiar favorites with a mix of cardio and HIIT exercises. A popular one she has on her channel is her 2000’s dance party workout.

I do this workout all the time when I don’t feel like going to the gym, but know I should get some exercise in for the day. It’s a lot of fun and you really feel the burn. It’s only 15 minutes and it feels like you are having your own dance party in your room!

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3 thoughts on “Fun workouts for students with a tight schedule”

    I really like your energetic and positive posting Hey we can borrow from Geico gecko 15 minutes gets you great Abbas commercial. I know that we are not supposed to copy just a crazy idea. I wish that I was able to dance I would be working out now. I would guess with the closing of gym it may be in demand. Great job thank you for great information. Have a safe Thanksgiving .

  2. This video is great! I actually did it before I wrote this post and I’m still a little out of breath from it but man was it fun. As a former dancer, I look for songs that can help stay focused during the workout so I look for the upbeat ones and one of my favorite ones is Don’t Stop the Music by Rhianna.

  3. This seems like it would be such a fun and quick workout to do when I do not have a lot of time or motivation to work out. I used to be a dancer, I think I would really enjoy doing this workout. I will definitely try it!

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