Self Care After a bad day

Everyone has bad days. Bad days can really take a toll on someone’s mental and physical health. It is important to treat yourself and give yourself some extra love after a day that could be physically and/or mentally draining.

One of the most important things I cannot emphasize enough is journaling. Whether it’s in an actual journal or typed in a google document. Write about your day and everything that happened that might have made it back. Write your feelings and the thoughts going through your head. Spilling out all of those thoughts onto the page will be a relief on your brain. Also, once all your thoughts our out, you’ll feel less of a need to think about it anymore.

Give your body some extra love. Put on your favorite music, light some candles, take a hot bath or shower and relax. It’s okay to spoil yourself. After your bath or shower make or order your favorite meal. Don’t worry about the health benefits, eat what you want to eat. Again, it’s okay to spoil yourself especially after a tough day.

Get your meal, get your coziest blanket and watch your favorite show or movie. Enjoy a break from the stress and enjoy yourself. Your day never has to end bad, there are things you can do to make it better. Talk on the phone with your favorite person, hang out with some close friends. A bad moment should never define your whole day.

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2 thoughts on “Self Care After a bad day”

  1. Hi Nichole,
    I always see people suggesting journaling as a way to relive stress or anxiety, but I have never tried it. As I think more about it, and after reading your thoughts on it, I think it is something that I want to try because I feel like it could have a very positive impact on my life. It’s such a simple concept that seems to help so many people. I think this post had some great tips for people that may be struggling to take care of themselves or are under a lot of stress!

  2. After a bad day, I always enjoy listening to my favorite music, take a longer shower, put on some comfy clothes while wrapping myself in a blanket, and watching movies. However, I never tried journaling. I might have to try that out to see if it helps me.

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