Weekly motivation

As a college student myself, I understand that we’re all at the point in the semester where we just want it to be done. We’re tired, burnt out and the finish line seems so far away. We’re almost there and we will get our winter break soon.

Tell this to yourself:

“I will pass my tests”

“I will pass my classes”

“I will not be defeated”

“I will finish strong”

Whenever you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel for the semester, repeat those words to yourself. Talk to yourself and encourage yourself to get out of bed and finish this semester strong, we’re almost there

We just have finish out a little while longer (less than a month). You’ve already put in so much work and have dealt with so much this semester, don’t let that go to waste and finish strong.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly motivation”

  1. I am definitely at the point in the semester where I just want to be done with all of my classes and start fresh next semester. I am getting really stressed out and becoming unmotivated to do a lot of my work. Thank you for this idea, I will try it out!

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