Gonzo-19: Thrash, blow and disco: The 40-year journey of the Los Angeles Raiders

Three things come to mind when I think of the Raiders—Slayer being the fundamental founders of thrash metal, the turf war over Deez Nutz between Death Row Records and Easy-E and Dirk Diggler’s sly disco moves being a porn star in Los Angeles.

Over the next several weeks, we will unpack the introspective and retrospective Raiders profile through the valedictory narrative.

We are examining the shady Raiders players over the last 40 years who have made the Raider legacy great.

Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, we will buy the ticket and take a ride in the back of Hunter S. Thompson’s convertible journeying through the evolution of a society built on Machiavellianism.

Each week, the Gonzo-19 reporting service provides fact-infused historical bits of fear and loathing mixed with the history of the Raiders shared through the celebrities who built the team’s slimeball image.

Through the archival lens of the 11th hour, we will converge firsthand account with anthropological survey of fear and loathing amongst Raiders fans.

We are on an open records request scavenger hunt searching for the holy grail of the history of the Raiders for the university.

The Gonzo-19 project examines the evolution of multimedia over the last 40 years between Hollywood porn and groundbreaking news.

We will, for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, tell the valedictory story of brothels in the Las Vegas desert and their catering to their Raiders with discounts.

We will observe the evolution of the Raider community transfer their team across state lines from California to Nevada.

What we seek? An open mind about the lifestyles of the non-essential ranging from porn stars to thrash metal founders traveling the highway of Gonzo between Las Vegas and L.A.

The independent study provides statistics on “the War on Drugs” by investigating the areas where seedy behavior took place. What will we find? Some seriously brave souls possessed by disco, thrash metal and blow, while the home team of the Raiders fought through a notoriously corrupt society that even Ron Jeremy would like to avoid.

Growing up in America between 1982-2022, witnessed the evolution of the media from the death of disco to being stuck at home in social isolation.

The weird have turned pro. We will profile the Raiders through the lens of evolution unearthing 11th hour moments while watching the sun go down on the horizon.

We are living in Gonzo-19. Let’s take trip through the Las Vegas desert and take a trip back in time.

Bradley J. Burt serves the Dane County community as an American Legion Dane County Service Officer. Burt assists those in crisis with his multimedia reporter service as a blogger to distribute virtual information at his Social Media Writing final project called "Outpost 422." Burt returned as a Wisconsin State Certified Journey worker after finding out he could receive 39 credits for his journey worker certificate. The Technical Studies Journey Worker Associate's Degree helped him transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he received a waiver. The waiver allowed him to pursue the field of journalism bypassing general education requirements. In 2014, Burt uncovered information about the Wisconsin G.I. Bill as a Veterans Committee Chairperson. Burt joined the American Legion to investigate benefits further. After being elected to Service Officer in 2015, Burt began noticing college benefit opportunities in Wisconsin. In 2017, Burt left his job due to physical limitations from his military service-connected injuries. ​ The Wisconsin G.I. Bill became his life preserver. Burt returned to school to survive unemployability while waiting in appeal for VA benefit denial. Being a Service Officer taught him how to find resources to survive appeal. After interviewing Sgt. Gary Brynjulfson from "The Reflections of Vietnam" and reading Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," Burt decided to develop a therapeutic writing style to help him cope with anxiety. Outpost 422 developed and journalism became his pursuit. ​ Burt works as an American Legion Service Officer who is surviving by going back to school and writing about his college experience. Burt's portfolio is his passion to pay forward to the next struggling veteran to offer avenues of hope to encourage veterans to try going back to school no matter where they are in life.

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