Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC Gonzo-mentary Gonzo-19 patent launch and farewell UW-W Blogs post

The purpose of publishing this blog seeks timestamping the development of the Gonzo-19 patent. The patent seeks the help of the Universities of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for creating an interactive gonzo research confessional diary method with the intent to patent an empirical principal investigative documentary storytelling style. The style converges scientific journalism with reflective diary as a lived experience reporting method.

The next phase of the academic journey shares the horror of being a nontraditional student at the Universities of Wisconsin-Whitewater and the loathing of my choice to transfer from Madison College. Blog journaling about fear and the crucible of loathing started here being denied every opportunity under the sun to bring journalism in the STEM field for pandemic gonzo research.

After returning to Madison College post-graduation for an internship as the business director of the Clarion newspaper, I revisited the Op-Expose style for a class project internship requirement that stemmed from the interactive podcast prototype “Hell is Warm on the Homefront” from the independent study, which was supervised by Dr. James Kates.

Under Kates’ supervision, the Gonzo-19 storytelling workshop proposal was pitched as a presentation for the capstone course. The Gonzo-19 Valedictory Essay symbolically represents the degradation of nontraditional second-class students.

The blog website you are viewing shares the Jaded Patriot Press reporting method, which was launched as a national university news reporting medium sharing the behind-the-scenes experience.

Gonzo-19 launched during the Spring 2021 semester simultaneously between UW Whitewater and Madison College as one master project. During the month of April, the convergent media smart phone storytelling style was launched between Madison College, Fox Valley Technical College and UW-W blogs for the Webhawk reporting assignment for Kates’ Journalism for the Web 347 final portfolio.

The portfolio created the documentary style. The lived experience of being the only nontraditional student Madison College triple learner attendee during the pandemic provides merit.

The blog is a timestamp for the Autumn Landmine Productions living business plan, which provides a multicampus portfolio of the intellectual property development of Outpost 422. Now, the time has come to launch the Gonzo-19 patent.

The next SCICOMM256 Crucible of Jesse Schworck final project example shares a confessional diary style, which was the final project for Scientific Communication 256. The course is now offered at Madison College teaching students how to translate periodicals and peer reviewed articles into newsworthy and data driven content.

The gonzo story recalls the happenings when attempting to bring a gonzo documentary workshop to Dr. Keith Zukas’ Zeta Phi Eta fraternity to teach colleagues how to build smart phone stories. I was attacked by faculty after filing complaints and almost dropped out as a result.

Zukas, who prejudices gonzo in his lectures, denied me the right to publish freely through the Freedom of Academic Expression and left his fraternity to seek developing the workshop and did through an interactive capstone in the Journalism Capstone: Public Affairs 486 course, which published this blog website as a reporting outlet.

The patent, which launched through the Gonzo-19 Valedictory Essay Las Vegas reporting style, recently received a rejection email from the Madison College Challenge judges as an entrant. The Gonzo-mentary style dealt a bait and switch blow claiming the Outpost 422 finalist entry of 2020 was the disqualifier.

I have begun writing a diary about the hell I experienced trying to compete in the academic field as a nontraditional peasant, which is how we are treated by those who identify as Greek society and freemason members controlling the narrative of research affiliation.

After graduating, I tried entering Shark Tank Season 15 to announce the patent globally. I did not receive a notification from the show and decided to re-enter an entrepreneurship competition called “The Madison College Challenge” that launched everything during the pandemic.

I am witnessing being shunned by the contest after submitting the Gonzo-19 patent executive summary through the Madison College Challenge for building an interactive medium to increase attendance.

College is not a welcome place for nontraditional students and the university will stop at nothing to shut me up. Enrollment is down and my truth will make matters worse. Attrition is a business model to bring as many students as possible into the system without the intent to pass them. The dirty business practice runs through secret society rules of engagement, which is a predatory and Machiavellian.

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Madison College is a great example of corporate Machiavellianism. For contest entry, the rules clearly stated an entrant must be enrolled in a credit or noncredit course and was not a top three finisher in the competition from 2021 to the present. The shortened version, the Ad Hoc Ad patent gonzo confessional storytelling style, and its launch as an entrant were denied, which is now the documentary about Outpost 422, the registered trademarked host of Gonzo-19, and the mantra “Overcome Impossiblity.”

The last order of business provides timestamps for declaring this blog as the intellectual property of Outpost 422. The blog provides the origin of the Gonzo-19 documentary news reporting style being developed into a platform called “NewsFlix,” which shares the truth branded media will not tell you, who endorses the use of social media subjective coding.

Social media is not newsworthy by any means and must be filtered through the Gonzo-19 storytelling style, which is an objective method shared through science communication three-source backing of all subjective claims made by news reporting sources on social media.

Sadly, the website’s existense is coming to a close and will be developing the BOB COBB WordPress blog database, which provides URLs for storytelling purposes. All digital publications will be erased soon after graduating in Spring of 2023.

I would like to close with this:

Good is the channeling of archangel energy. Machiavellianism is the practice of those who lurk in secret societies using their influence to protect and control journalism narratives. Please consider reaching out to Outpost 422 and receiving a confessional consultation if you are under attack by the Machiavellian practices of the university. I will publish your story under the protection of Archangel Michael as an ordained demonologist pursuing the field of 11th hour gonzo research. Only the bravest souls enter the field of journalism. Do your best not to let corruption pollute your ability to tell the truth and gather the news.


Bradley J. Burt

Convergent Media Founder

UW-W Documentarian

Summa Cum Laude Undergraduate Class of ’23

Bradley J. Burt serves the Dane County community as an American Legion Dane County Service Officer. Burt assists those in crisis with his multimedia reporter service as a blogger to distribute virtual information at his Social Media Writing final project called "Outpost 422." Burt returned as a Wisconsin State Certified Journey worker after finding out he could receive 39 credits for his journey worker certificate. The Technical Studies Journey Worker Associate's Degree helped him transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he received a waiver. The waiver allowed him to pursue the field of journalism bypassing general education requirements. In 2014, Burt uncovered information about the Wisconsin G.I. Bill as a Veterans Committee Chairperson. Burt joined the American Legion to investigate benefits further. After being elected to Service Officer in 2015, Burt began noticing college benefit opportunities in Wisconsin. In 2017, Burt left his job due to physical limitations from his military service-connected injuries. ​ The Wisconsin G.I. Bill became his life preserver. Burt returned to school to survive unemployability while waiting in appeal for VA benefit denial. Being a Service Officer taught him how to find resources to survive appeal. After interviewing Sgt. Gary Brynjulfson from "The Reflections of Vietnam" and reading Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," Burt decided to develop a therapeutic writing style to help him cope with anxiety. Outpost 422 developed and journalism became his pursuit. ​ Burt works as an American Legion Service Officer who is surviving by going back to school and writing about his college experience. Burt's portfolio is his passion to pay forward to the next struggling veteran to offer avenues of hope to encourage veterans to try going back to school no matter where they are in life.

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