Gonzo-19: The University of Wisconsin independent study tracks the pandemic through live stream documentary at Autumn Landmine Productions

On October 7, 2022, we, Dr. James Kates, Dr. Kathy Brady and Dr. Eileen Hayes and myself, met for a dominant stakeholder meeting regarding the upcoming launch of the Gonzo-19 pilot, which is a docuseries about my work as university reporter profiling fear and loathing in Las Vegas. We are pitching the portfolio and UW-W blogs website to PBS Frontline and Netflix.

Robert Harley stiffed me on the interview and blocked me on Facebook. Dirk Diggler’s fact-infused worker profile replaced Harley.

We met for transparency reasons. We are building a creative commons workshop for assisting future journalists by providing an archive of pandemic content for educational and multimedia storytelling training purposes.

Our meeting addressed the potential of disciplinary action taken against me and requested Kates’, the independent study professor, approval who requested a bibliography detailing the series.

We are converging documentary with Gonzo news reporting, which is the valedictory essay style.

The documentary is a creative commons experiment.

The purpose of the independent study unpacks the calamity and evolution of convergent storytelling in the media industry while documenting my college experience.

The college experience provides the firsthand perspective of a disabled veteran attending three schools simultaneously where the Autumn Landmine Productions business plan developed into the preproduction planning for the capstone interactive documentary project.

The goal for the independent study offers insight regarding the hardship university reporters faced during lockdown along with being a dirtbag non-traditional student.

The central focus of the piece is the perspective of a valedictory dirtbag in the eyes of the Greek society who transferred from a community college.

The dirtbag reality is a driver for success and the Gonzo-19 documentary takes you through the journey from the pandemic lock down to pilot and trademark launch through the manifestation of gonzo documentary storyboarding.

The evolution of class projects developed into a registered trademark and converged objective with subjective storytelling methods with news reporting through the valedictory essay Gonzo-19 pandemic report in Kates’ capstone course.

We are about to get down to brass tax regarding non-essential workers in the porn, metal and sex industry between Chicago to Milwaukee in correlation to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The Gonzo-19 upcoming blogs will start out investigating the origin of Deez Nutz during the OG era of Death Row Records in Los Angeles.

We will follow up with an interview request with Dave Lombardo of Slayer/Testament about his recalling of disco in 1982 as a founder of thrash metal. Next, we will connect Dirk Diggler from the movie Boogie Nights, who pounded out porn by day and disco at night.

The first of the Gonzo-19 series, currently in the planning and newsgathering stage, is a piece called “Thrash, blow and disco: the Dave Lombardo 1982 experience.”

We are examining the role the Raiders played between the emergence of Deez Nutz and Slayer in Los Angeles. The Raiders share both the Vegas and LA scene as a common bond. Dirk Diggler represents an era where cocaine and bad life choices flooded the porn industry and disco.

The historical argument: Thrash metal and OG rap emerged from the debachle of disco.

The Gonzo-19 anthropological survey of flux between LA and Las Vegas sex, metal and porn performers profile the socioeconomic draught artists suffered coming out of the pandemic.

The Robert Cobert diaries profile my journey to Pahrump, Nevada, where I interviewed several women, one of them being a federal lobbyist named Chanda Weiland, along with a woman I met at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Lounge in Las Vegas named Strawberry who provided me with a VIP experience interview.

The work honors four of my professors between Madison College and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater who taught investigative journalism, documentary storytelling, journalism for the web and feature writing 303. The independent study surveys my journey from March 2020 to December 4, 2022, where we will be on location at Soldier Field reporting for the Jaded Patriot Press.


Bradley J. Burt

Independent Study 498

Dr. James Kates

Robert Cobert Gonzo-19 freelance and creative commons reflective essay portfolio


For the independent study reflection, the portfolio examines introspect (fear), along with retrospect (loathing), regarding the behind-the-scenes firsthand experience of the Autumn Landmine Productions development. The development began as the final project portfolio for Journalism 347, which launched several websites that are now owned and operated by Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC, which was my first submission for Intro to Entrepreneurship at Madison College. The independent study examines the journey from being a bootstrapping student entrepreneur taking advantage of college free resources to the capstone completion through the valedictory essay narrative called “Gonzo-19.”


  • Robert Cobert AA Grapevine
  • The reflection with Senate Bill 602 and the 70th Year of 1st Lt. Jerome A. Volk of the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s 70th year reflection of the search for documentation of his last known whereabouts.
  • A creative writing philanthropy website in memory of a dear friend along with samples of creative writing submissions, which include archive of the origins of fox valley death metal dating back to 1989 through converged basement tapes upgrading to a SoundCloud publication.
  • Hell is Warm on the Homefront interactive radio Machiavellian behavior awareness on-air workshop.
  • The journey through the Nevada sex industry with the Robert Cobert chronicles.
  • The Jaded Patriot judge inspection with the ongoing legal battle regarding religious Cannabis usage and the illegal raid of the Lion of Judah, House of Rastafari told through the words of the church’s founder Jesse Schworck. We will file a formal complaint with the Wisconsin Judicial Ethics Committee regarding her denial of my rights as an independent LLC journalist request for recording devices.
  • Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors recalling of the raid through a woman who goes by the name Sista Herbs.
  • The Outpost 422 pilot and practicum launch into a workshop format for unearthing open records.
  • The Bradley J. Burt Multimedia Services websites, which include WordPress throwaway ledes in the form of blogs sharing the college experience through creative nonfiction journaling format.

The workshop development encapsulates a moment in university history profiling the evolution of the media coming out of the pandemic through Gonzo journalism subjective journal reflective writing. The purpose for the journal will provide bootstrapping and interactive media samples that built the convergent media business model of Autumn Landmine Productions, which takes print copy and imbeds urls from the university journalism development.

The class projects containing the Autumn Landmine Productions title slide provide creative commons examples of methods of multimedia storytelling emerging from the pandemic. The profiles are submissions from the “Profile of Friend” final project converged with the J-347 photo slideshow storytelling format.

The Gonzo-19 pilot was submitted during lockdown for Prof. Bradley Horn’s documentary storytelling class at Madison College where Outpost 422 and the Jaded Patriot Press launched while simultaneously attending News Reporting for the Media and launching a reporter reel website for Dr. Keith Zukas. The Gonzo-19 non-essential profiles reported through both the UW-W blogs and the Jaded Patriot Press connect the Journalism Certificate trademarked brands with the Autumn Landmine Productions business plan and the valedictory essay project.       

Convergent media collaborates multiple storytelling methods into one story, which include multimedia storytelling. The submissions will provide multiple samples converging both print copy and broadcast urls taking the viewer on a historical recalling of each published story from the capstone PowerPoint and connecting crowdsourcing with scientific survey and sample. Convergent media can tell a story and crowdsource at the same time. The goal for the project will create a philanthropy writing business model for future instructors and scholars who seek a story of a bizarre socio and evolutionary demographic.

Gonzo-19 Documentary logline: Middle-aged disabled veteran resurrects archaic subjective storytelling method for anthropologically surveying the impact of the pandemic as a university capstone reporter in Las Vegas, Nevada. The documentary spans from August 2020 to December 4, 2022, where the independent study ends in Chicago at Soldier Field, which could potentially be the stadium’s last Packer v. Bears rival matchup forever.

The story provides livestream and interactive podcasting from ambient and recycled audio, which is the method of transforming black and white print standards into the grey areas of social media. The protagonist attended three colleges while filing for a trademark.

The story ends in Los Angeles where Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, the founder of fear and loathing in Las Vegas, worked for Rolling Stone through his alias Raoul Duke. The protagonist uses the pen name Robert Cobert who launched a student entrepreneur business called Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC, which is still navigating through the bootstrapping phase while attending college.

The professor overseeing the study worked for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as an editor who helps the protagonist break into the freelance multimedia reporting market as an independent journalist. The two brainstormed a new way for storytelling, which was trademarked on March 15, 2022.


Bradley J. Burt serves the Dane County community as an American Legion Dane County Service Officer. Burt assists those in crisis with his multimedia reporter service as a blogger to distribute virtual information at his Social Media Writing final project called "Outpost 422." Burt returned as a Wisconsin State Certified Journey worker after finding out he could receive 39 credits for his journey worker certificate. The Technical Studies Journey Worker Associate's Degree helped him transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he received a waiver. The waiver allowed him to pursue the field of journalism bypassing general education requirements. In 2014, Burt uncovered information about the Wisconsin G.I. Bill as a Veterans Committee Chairperson. Burt joined the American Legion to investigate benefits further. After being elected to Service Officer in 2015, Burt began noticing college benefit opportunities in Wisconsin. In 2017, Burt left his job due to physical limitations from his military service-connected injuries. ​ The Wisconsin G.I. Bill became his life preserver. Burt returned to school to survive unemployability while waiting in appeal for VA benefit denial. Being a Service Officer taught him how to find resources to survive appeal. After interviewing Sgt. Gary Brynjulfson from "The Reflections of Vietnam" and reading Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," Burt decided to develop a therapeutic writing style to help him cope with anxiety. Outpost 422 developed and journalism became his pursuit. ​ Burt works as an American Legion Service Officer who is surviving by going back to school and writing about his college experience. Burt's portfolio is his passion to pay forward to the next struggling veteran to offer avenues of hope to encourage veterans to try going back to school no matter where they are in life.

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