Independent Study 498: Fear and loathing in the Las Vegas adult entertainment industry during the pandemic

On August 18, the fear and loathing post-pandemic follow up story takes the independent news reporting source to Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip for vox pop interviews.

The investigation will begin at a club called De Ja Vu, where showgirls entertain and provide steamy live streams for voyeurs on their website, which boasts “1000s of Beautiful Girls & 3 Ugly Ones!®.” We will be meeting up with a porn star expert documentarian named Robert Harley, who spends his time on social media reporting about great venues in Vegas he loves.

According to Harley, the porn industry has taken a huge hit, noting the industry is flooded with amateur performers who upload their work for free on platforms like OnlyFans and PornHub, which took a lucrative industry and put celebrities in dire straits.

Bradley J. Burt serves the Dane County community as an American Legion Dane County Service Officer. Burt assists those in crisis with his multimedia reporter service as a blogger to distribute virtual information at his Social Media Writing final project called "Outpost 422." Burt returned as a Wisconsin State Certified Journey worker after finding out he could receive 39 credits for his journey worker certificate. The Technical Studies Journey Worker Associate's Degree helped him transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he received a waiver. The waiver allowed him to pursue the field of journalism bypassing general education requirements. In 2014, Burt uncovered information about the Wisconsin G.I. Bill as a Veterans Committee Chairperson. Burt joined the American Legion to investigate benefits further. After being elected to Service Officer in 2015, Burt began noticing college benefit opportunities in Wisconsin. In 2017, Burt left his job due to physical limitations from his military service-connected injuries. ​ The Wisconsin G.I. Bill became his life preserver. Burt returned to school to survive unemployability while waiting in appeal for VA benefit denial. Being a Service Officer taught him how to find resources to survive appeal. After interviewing Sgt. Gary Brynjulfson from "The Reflections of Vietnam" and reading Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," Burt decided to develop a therapeutic writing style to help him cope with anxiety. Outpost 422 developed and journalism became his pursuit. ​ Burt works as an American Legion Service Officer who is surviving by going back to school and writing about his college experience. Burt's portfolio is his passion to pay forward to the next struggling veteran to offer avenues of hope to encourage veterans to try going back to school no matter where they are in life.

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