Active Minds is an organization on the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater campus. They are a national, non-profit student-led mental health promotion and advocacy group. The group is open to anyone who wants to join, including staff. For more information, follow them on instagram @activemindsuww

Below is an interview with current member, Allyson Weisbrod.

1. What is the main purpose of your organization?

“The main purpose of Active Minds is to educate others about mental health and to end the stigma surrounding it.”

2. How often does your organization meet? What are your meetings like or about?

“The organization meets every Wednesday at 5pm. Our meetings contain educating students about mental health, promoting self-care, doing crafts and activities, and so much more!”

3. What is the benefit of your organization?

“The benefit is mainly to be surrounded by mental health advocates who care about mental health as much as you! You are in a safe zone when in Active Minds and the continuous support it has is truly amazing.”

4. What made you join your organization?

“I joined active minds because I am passionate about mental health!”