Pi Sigma Epsilon is a national and professional organization for men and women in marketing, sales, and management. Pi Sigma Epsilon is also known as PSE. You can follow them on Instagram @uwwpisigmaepsilon

**DISCLAIMER** This organization is not a part of Greek Life, they are a professional business organization.

Below is an interview with member, Jackie Carper

What is the main purpose of your organization?

“The purpose of our organization is to give our member professional development and networking opportunities that set them apart from peers in similar fields.”

How often does your organization meet? What are your meetings like or about?

“We meet weekly on Tuesday’s at 5:00pm. Our meetings vary week to week. Some weeks we have professional speakers present on their industries or job opportunities. Sometimes we participate in workshops. Sometimes we prepare for competitions or do a selling activity. Every week consists of fun activities and general updates.”

What are the benefits of your organization?

“We always say our organization ‘Runs like a business, feels like a family’. In essence, this organization will prepare you for a professional career, and in some cases, jumpstart your career! We are a ‘One stop shop’ for resume builders. We have leadership positions readily available for all majors, marketing and sales project teams, competitions, scholarships, and even an exclusive social media marketing internship! It is also a great place to meet like-minded individuals. PSE is smaller than most business organizations, so the friendships are closer, opportunities are plentiful, and it isn’t intimidating to join!”

What made your join your organization?

“I joined PSE because the people were very welcoming and the unending professional opportunities were clear! I could tell that with the size of the organization, I could really make an impact on it by joining; I wasn’t just a number. We’re an open-minded group, so we welcome new ideas and changes!”