Black Student Union is a nationally affiliated organization that is open for anyone to join, including alumni, faculty, and/or community members. Black Student Union, often called BSU, is an all culture and diversity student organization. For more information on their events and other updates follow them on Instagram @uwwbsu

Below is an interview with Vice President, Honey Cawthorn.

What is the main purpose of your organization?

“We, the Black students of the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater associate ourselves for the purpose of motivating and retaining students on campus, coordinate activities to strengthen cultural awareness; provide assistance to the development and utilization of our skills to the extent that we can become a professionally organized body of students on this campus to deal with social, cultural, and educational problems.”

How often does your organization meet? What are your meetings like or about?

“The Black Student Union meets every Tuesday at 5:15 pm. Our meetings include many events such as study nights, game nights, events happening on campus, and meetings that will help better the student in academics or the individual with bettering themselves as a person.”

What is the benefit of your organization?

“Our organization benefits the black community by giving them a sense of home and community. Here we are also able to encourage students to be the individuals they can be while having a strong support system.”

What made you join your organization?

“I joined BSU because great leaders before me such as Amarii Hall and Purcell Pearson encouraged me to be great and give my best foot forward with all that I do. Because they were such great leaders I ran for an E-Board (executive board) position and wanted to inspire others as they have done for me.”