Collegiate DECA is an organization offered at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Collegiate DECA, known on campus as UWW DECA is a professional development business organization that welcomes all majors, membership is open to all students. You can follow them on Instagram @uwwdeca

Below is an interview with President, Treise Langhammer

What is the main purpose of your organization?

“The main purpose of UWW Collegiate DECA is to create a place for any major to come and work on their professionalism, as well as learning to connect and give back to their campus and community.”

How often does your organization meet? What are your meetings like or about?

“Our Organization has traditionally (at least in the last three years I have been involved) met once a week on Tuesdays at 5:15 pm. Usually we are in Baker Tilly or Timmerman in Hyland, but because of COVID-19 we have been meeting on webex.”

“Our meetings have a range of topics. Many meetings are about working on your professionalism and networking skills. We also do mock competitions to practice our skills and have fun. Lastly, in years when we are in person we try and have meetings about our philanthropy for the year. For example, last year we made tie blankets to give back to a representative from an organization in support of MDA.”

What are the benefits of your organization?

“The biggest benefit of joining DECA is gaining confidence and skills that you can actually see benefit you when you are in college and when you leave it. We help give you skills you can not get out of the classroom.”

What made your join your organization?

“I joined collegiate DECA because I wanted to get more involved on campus and in my college. I was looking for a way to meet new friends and join a group that I could get rewards from. Competing has opened me up and made me a more confident person. I also had leadership opportunities that have helped me gain experience for future professional positions.”