Winterim 2024 Workshop Opportunities – Register Now!

The shape of Hyer Hall dominates as a blanket of fine snow fall on the UW-Whitewater campus on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023. (UW-Whitewater Photos/Craig Schreiner)

Make the most of Winterim with the LTC! We have developed a wide array of programming to help instructors get a jump start on the spring semester and beyond! Registration links are provided below, or visit our Events Calendar

The Course Prep Boot Camp Series is designed for instructors looking to get their course for next semester up and running, but all faculty and staff are welcome. Come with previous content ready to be updated, or moved from paper into Canvas (i.e.,moving a quiz or rubric into a digital form). This series of workshops will provide you the how-to and time to complete specific tasks to get your course set up. Enroll in one, a handful, or all of them; even if it is just for a way to schedule your time.

DateTimeWorkshop TitleRegistration Link
January 2nd 2 p.m.Getting StartedRegister!
January 3rd2 p.m.Building Your ContentRegister!
January 4th2 p.m.Assignments and GradesRegister!
January 9th2 p.m.AccessoriesRegister!
January 10th2 p.m.CollaborationsRegister!
January 11th2 p.m.Wrapping UpRegister!

Elevate your teaching methods with the Quality Course Design Series, designed for educators eager to revitalize their teaching strategies and course design in both face-to-face and online settings. This series merges three critical aspects of modern education: incremental course enhancement, fostering student interactions, and aligning learning objectives with outcomes.

DateTimeWorkshop TitleRegistration Link
January 4th1 p.m.Ensure Objectives Lead to Measurable OutcomesRegister!
January 9th1 p.m.Small, Impactful Changes to Existing CoursesRegister!
January 10th1 p.m.Meaningful Student-to-Student InteractionsRegister!

In the Generative AI Series, workshops will focus on preparing instructors for AI use in the classroom, from building a syllabus policy, to integrating AI into student assignments, to finding ways to streamline classroom prep. If you are new to generative AI, the Introductory workshop is a great place to start! All generative AI workshops are interconnected, but not serial, so register for as many as interest you! 

DateTimeWorkshop TitleRegistration Link
January 4th10 a.m.Introduction to Generative AIRegister
January 5th1 p.m.AI Detection and AwarenessRegister!
January 9th10 a.m.How to Write an AI Course PolicyRegister!
January 10th10 a.m.Building Course Materials Using Generative AIRegister!
January 11th1 p.m.Teaching AI Scripting: How To Write PromptsRegister!

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