VBrick Rev Service Update (1/3)

On Wednesday, January 3, ICIT deployed the VBrick Rev 7.18 update to our environment. In this latest update, the following fixes and enhancements will be included:

  • (New) Email Notifications.  Rev will now send you an automatic email once a video has been processed and uploaded.  The email will contain the title of the video and a link to access it.  Remember to check the video access settings before distributing the link to others.
  • (New) Online Video Editing.  Rev now includes the ability to edit video clips you have uploaded.  The editor requires no browser plug-ins, Flash or Java to use in supported browsers.
    • It contains the ability to cut multiple segments from the front, middle or end of the video.
    • Video Chapters enable you to set and jump to specific locations.  Additionally, you may define chapters by name or by slide title with a PowerPoint upload.
  • (New) Embedded Playlists.  Playlists may now be embedded in a similar fashion to an individual video asset.
  • (New) Video Filter Enhancements.  A new video filter interface has been implemented that includes multiple attributes that you may now search on to filter video searches.
  • (New) Podcast Support.  VBrick Rev now features podcast support through .mp3 file uploads.
  • (New) Teams Update and Enhancements.  Rev now has a new way to create better content organization using Teams.  This feature will allow you to organize content by functional area giving users a simpler method to ensure videos are seen by the right users.
  • (New) Content Expiration Rules.  Expiration rules may now be set on different content types.
  • (New) Media Menu Update.  The Media menu has been enhanced and divided into two sub-menu drop-downs Videos and My Teams.  Each of these options provide quick access to several video and team features.
  • (Updates) Bulk Edit.  Bulk editing in Rev has been updated to add the ability to bulk edit Teams video access features and expiration dates and rules.
  • (Updates) .mts file support.  Files created in the .mts format can now be uploaded to Rev.
  • (Fixed) Default Search Criteria.  Corrected minor problem where the default search for a video was by Title and not by Relevance.
  • (Fixed) Tool Tip on Hover for List View and Grid Button.  Provided an improvement on the videos page when hovering on the view icons to show a tool tip as to which view – list view or grid view – is being displayed.

What’s VBrick Rev?
Rev is a Media Management System that we have available for use by all Instructors and Students at UW-Whitewater.  You can access Rev by going to: http://streaming.uww.edu

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

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