Important Respondus LockDown Browser Update – June 1st

CaptureStarting June 1st, students will no longer be able to directly open and login to the Respondus LockDown Browser.  Instead, they will need to visit the quiz page in any other browser and press the “Launch LockDown Browser” button. When they click the button, the LockDown Browser will launch, and students will automatically be logged in and taken directly to the quiz in D2L.  This helps improve the user experience for the student.  If LockDown Browser is not installed, a message will be displayed telling them to download it from the above link.

Starting June 1st, any student attempting to access a Quiz with Respondus enabled should receive an error message that states “LockDown Browser shouldn’t be started manually. Use a standard browser (eg. Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc) to navigate to the exam and LockDown Browser will launch automatically when it’s required“.

Student facing documentation has been updated to reflect the change.  These documents can be found at: LockDown Browser: Getting Started (Students).

If you have any questions about this change, please contact UW-W Desire2Learn Support.

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