The UWW Academic Innovation Snowbox: A Space for Collaboration and Creativity

snowflakeCan you name one needed change that will advance student learning? Develop your idea, find partners, and write a formal proposal all in one day! Make January 20th a day of real change.

Higher education has always innovated at the intersection of precarities like economic hardship, gender, race, age, while also pursuing the development of public discourse that is predicated on educational outcomes aimed at empowering graduates for success. This Snowbox, or winter sandbox activity, is a place for broad-based collaborative engagements among faculty, academic staff, administration, and students, to catalyze and sustain a culture of Academic Innovation that relates high impact practices to our core principles such as inclusive excellence. The forecast is for a flurry of ideas!

The outcome of this blizzard of activity will be the formation of teams focused upon innovative problem solving in each of the following areas:

  • Reduce students’ time to degree,
  • Reduce equity gaps,
  • Reduce barriers to creative solutions,
  • Foster greater student learning,
  • Create new opportunities for students to engage with contemporary
    content and issues using high impact practices.

Each participant in the Snowbox workshop will receive a $100 stipend for the day, provided by the Provost. By the end of the day we expect a snowstorm of ideas and each person will be eligible to apply for the first cohort of the Academic Innovation Summer Institute 2017 (bring your sunscreen!).

Friday January 20, 8:30-4:00 pm
To register for the Snowbox:
Register before January 10, space is limited.

If you have any questions, contact David Reinhart, Academic Innovation Coordinator;