Common Student Issues with Desire2Learn

shutterstock_110236751Now that the Fall semester is well underway, we wanted to share some common issues and resolutions with you to help you avoid headaches while working on your coursework in Desire2Learn (D2L)!

  • Dropbox.  If you are having trouble submitting a file, first check to make sure you are not using any special characters or quotes in the file name.  If that doesn’t work, try using a different browser on your computer.
  • Quizzes.  Can’t find the start button for your quiz?  Some courses require the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser.  If you go to launch the quiz, but don’t see the start button, odd’s are you aren’t in the Lockdown Browser.  The Lockdown Browser is installed in all labs on campus.  You can download it for personal computers by going to:
  • Discussions.  Unable to view any posts in the discussion forum? Some courses require you to first create a post before you can read any of the other entries in the discussion forum.  You’ll see the words “Must post first” directly under the discussion forum name if this is enabled in your course.
  • Other Issues?  We have a full FAQ, Tutorial Videos and a User Guide all at your disposal 24×7.

If you are having issues, or running into problems, help is only a click away!  Contact us at anytime with your questions or issues by filling out the UW-W Desire2Learn Support Form.