Media Lab Specialty Printing

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about color printing, large poster printing and laminating that can be done here on campus!

We have produced a short video that explains some general information about the general printing process and where it is located!

We ask that large poster prints be saved as a PDF. We are also able to print Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI) and any image file. Price of the prints depends on the size of the paper and the type of paper used. You can also purchase Poster Tubes to protect your posters for only $5!

The Media Lab only accepts Purple Points and are able to charge departmental and project org codes. They cannot accept cash payments or add the payment to your student bill.

The Media Lab is not responsible for any grammatical or design errors discovered in the printed versions, so check over your projects before you print them!

Poster files can be dropped off in the Media Lab or emailed to Please do not email files larger than 10 megabytes in size. When your poster has completed you will be notified via phone or email.

Any questions regarding this can be directed to:

Additional information is available on the Media Lab website.

Thanks for your time!