Webinar Opportunity: Integrating Evaluation and Feedback for Pedagogical Change

DSC_3956Improve Your Online Teaching:  Integrating Evaluation and Feedback for Pedagogical Change

Noon to 1:00, January 25, 2016

Room: UC 259A

Please join us for this fascinating webinar, presented by Jean Mandernach, the Executive Director of the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching at Grand Canyon University.  In this presentation she will examine strategies for evaluating online teaching and explore how we can utilize evaluation data to enhance the quality of our online teaching.  We will have the opportunity to ask her questions, and a short informal discussion will follow the webinar.

After participating in this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Integrate formative and summative evaluation strategies into their online classrooms.
  2. Operationalize teaching behaviors that align with best practices in online education.
  3. Create a holistic strategy for utilizing teaching evaluation data to enhance online instruction.
  4. Utilize self-, peer-, and administrative evaluation data to drive pedagogical change.

Signup:  http://my.uww.edu/signup/Registration/Details/14480

For more information, visit: Educause Events

Additional Resources:

Palese, K. & Mandernach, B. J. (2015). Data analytics and predictive modeling: The future of evaluating online teaching. eLearn Magazine.

Mandernach, B.J., Donnelli, E., Dailey, A., & Schulte, M. (2005). A faculty evaluation model for online instructors: Mentoring and evaluation in the online classroom. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 8 (3).

If you have any questions, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

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