Upcoming LTC Documentation Changes

The LTC Instructional Wiki (http://wiki.uww.edu/dept/instructional) will no longer be available after 8:00 AM on Friday, December 19th, 2014.  The new documentation space is available at: http://spaces.uww.edu/display/instructional.

We have just completed the process of migrating all of our documentation to a new platform.  The old documentation was located on our wiki system (MediaWiki), which was at http://wiki.uww.edu/dept/instructional.  The documentation is now housed on a new wiki system (Confluence) and can be found at: http://spaces.uww.edu/display/instructional.  We have reorganized our information to make it more user friendly.

Unfortunately one of the side effects of migrating systems is broken links.  We have already updated all of our active links out there on our websites.  If you are using any “geturl.uww.edu” links to get to our documentation pages, those are also updated.  Unfortunately we are not able to go through and find/search out all the individual links that might be on department pages, d2l courses (and links from the d2l starter course), pdfs files, and so on.  If you are having trouble finding the new version of a page you are using, just let us know – we are happy to assist you!  Remember, the old links will no longer work starting on December 19th!

We do want to apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause, but it was a necessary step in reorganizing our documentation pages to be more accessible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Learning Technology Center.