Now Introducing:!

UW-Whitewater recently gained access to is an extensive and valuable knowledge base of video tutorials for different kinds of technology and software. Topics covered include (but are certainly not limited to) 3D and Animation, Audio and Music, CAD, Design, Photography, Video, Web, and other specific software programs. All UW-W students, faculty, and staff have access to

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To access, go to, and log in with your UW-W Net-ID and password.

Once you are logged in, you can browse the library or search for a topic. You can either individually watch one video tutorial at a time on a specific subject or you can watch an entire class. You can view which courses are recommended for you, create playlists of your favorite videos, or view your course history. is a wonderful resource that you can utilize for learning a new technology or brushing up on some rusty skills!

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