eTextbooks Available for D2L

Are your students currently purchasing books or supplemental materials for your course?  If so, you may want to check out our eTextbook partner, CourseSmart.  At this time textbooks located in campus textbook rental are not eligible for this service.

CourseSmart is the largest provider of eTextbooks and digital course materials.  eTextbooks are discounted up to 60% off the purchase price of the print versions. It allows for anytime, anywhere online or offline access to digital course materials for students and faculty. With eTextbooks, faculty have the ability to apply notes, highlight important text areas, add annotations, as well as assign notes to highlighted text to any books that are added to the digital bookshelf. D2L@UWW is currently setup to offer direct integration to eTextbooks with CourseSmart.

If you are interested in using CourseSmart eTextbooks for your Summer or Fall 2013 course, please Contact D2L Support.