Meet the Author

Hello, my name is Elijia Knight and I’m currently an undergraduate student studying at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. My major is Media Arts and Game Development, or MAGD for short, with a minor in writing. Once I’ve finished my undergraduate degree, I plan to pursue a Master’s degree in computer science. This is mostly due to the fact that I love learning and want to be the best I can at whatever it is I choose to do for a career. I’m not going to claim to be the most interesting person on the planet but I feel that I have some uniqueness to share. For instance, I have five birthmarks on my body in total and at birth I was sucked out with a medical vacuum that was later discontinued for reasons too graphic to talk lightly of. TMI? Maybe so, but it’s true! I was born in Portland, Oregon but did most of my growing up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and feel that I am more a product of Wisconsinites than Oregonians. But, enough about me and more about what this site will cover.

Blog Overview

The intention of this site is to create a place of discussion, more specifically on the topic of video games and all of their untapped glory. I plan to explore every aspect that I possibly can with the hope that it brings my readers satisfaction in learning about something they hadn’t been aware of before. Some weeks will explore the best games of a given decade while others will discuss the pros and cons of which gaming console you may be thinking about buying. The best part about all of this is that none of it is sponsored, all of the content you will see here is simply put there because I feel it needs to be shared with the community. Video games have become more prevalent in society since their conception in the early 1970’s, creating an entire sub-society of gamers. This blog is for those that reside in this sub-society. People have made careers from simply playing these games and adding their commentary, opinions, and strategies. I plan to emulate this idea of creating commentary for the sake of community knowledge. While this site will not resemble a wiki of sorts, it will contain some of the most exciting developments video games have to offer; past, present, and future.