Fable is the first game from the Fable series released in 2004 developed by Lionhead Studios. The game is an action role playing game that takes place in the nation of Albion resembling medieval times and other traditional fantasy games.

You play as an orphaned boy who becomes a trains and becomes a hero after bandits attacked his village, killing his parents, and kidnapped his sister. As a hero of Albion you take on quests from the citizens and also learn what happened to your family and why.

During the whole game the types of deeds, good or evil, you do can affect your appearance and how others think of you. Which was always fun growing up. My oldest brother and I always chose good while my other brother did evil just for the looks.

The fighting styles you can choose from are the basic swords, bows, and magic which was what most fantasy games in 2004 as fighting styles. Later in Fable 2 and 3 you can start using guns instead of bows which help shows the evolution of Albion. You also get a dog companion in the later Fable games and he will help you fight, find buried treasure, and also learn tricks.

Doing the main and side quests in Fable is just a small amount of fun you can have. Other things you can do as the hero is playing pub games, boxing tournaments, exploring, stealing, owning and renting houses, and more.

Fable is a very good game for beginner gamers and now can be played on the Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360.

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