5 Video Game Christmas Gift Ideas

This blog post will be a bit different this time because it is the holiday season and Christmas is upon us. So here are 5 video game presents you can get for someone special (or just for yourself there is no judging here.)

  • Pokemon Sword and Shield

Yes there is another Pokemon game released and everyone is loving it. This generation of Pokemon is once again created by Game Freak and was released in November only on the Switch. I don’t really need to explain the premise of a Pokemon game because everyone knows about it in some capacity.

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This Star Wars game is an action adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment. The game is set during the time after Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and you play as a young Jedi padawan. You have to complete your Jedi training and restore the wiped out Jedi Order. It was released in November for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

  • Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale game kinda like Fortnite and Overwatch. It was created by Respawn Entertainment and was released on February for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Why get it as a present now even though it was released at the beginning of the year you ask. Because there is an expansion or new season that is coming to Apex and you don’t want to miss out.

  • Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit is a new exercising action RPG created by Nintendo. By using a ring like controller you run around the game and using the controller can also fight enemies within the game. A great way to have fun and stay active during the winter season. It was released in October and is available for the Switch.

  • Pre Order Cyberpunk 2077

Now Cyberpunk is not yet released until April 2020, but you can still pre order the game and get it the day it comes out. It is being developed by Projekt Red and there is so much hype around the game. So check it out. Here is the video that was released showing of its gameplay. Just a heads up the game is rated M for mature.

Fable II

Fable II is the second game in the Fable series developed by Lionhead Studios. It was released in 2008.

The story in Fable II is that you are a homeless orphan living with your sister on the streets of Albion. The Heroes’ Guild doesn’t exist anymore after Jack of Blades was defeated in Fable and that everything is a lot safer now. You and your sister wish for a better life and to hopefully live in a castle one day. That night you get taken to the castle in Albion but later find out it was only to see if you have any blood of past heroes. Your sister gets killed by the lord and you fall into the lake and barely survive.

Theresa later finds you and raises you to become another Hero that Albion needs. The main quest then is to now find the 3 other heroes and prevent the lord of the castle to complete the Tattered Spire and send Albion into a new dark age.

I have mentioned in a previous blog article about the dog you hang out with in Fable II. You meet the dog when you are homeless with your sister and he never leaves your side when you grow up and become the Hero. In the game you can teach your dog tricks, get it toys and a collar, have it find treasure for you, and also fight side by side.

But don’t forget all the possible side work you can do in the game to earn extra money. There is blacksmithing, wood chopping, bartending, and also being a landlord.

Fable II is available only for the Xbox 360.