Death Stranding

Death Stranding is an action game developed by Kojima Productions and released in Nov. 2019.

The game is set in an open world and considered to be more of a stealth action game set in an apocalyptic US. There was an event known as the “Death Stranding” causing “Beached Things”, or invisible creatures from the “Beaches”, roaming the earth and also creating “Timefall” rain, that rapidly begins to age and deteriorates anything it touches.

You get to play as Sam Bridges, a porter with the Bridges company. As a porter you help deliver supplies and cargo to one city to the next. And with the help of a “Bridge Baby”, or BB, you can see and avoid any of the BTs that roam around. Your main mission in the game is to connect all of the cities left in the US to the Chiral Network so then civilization can survive and thrive once again.

Death Stranding is a bit different from most action games today. With other action games you get a gun and main enemy right away and you start fighting from beginning to the end. But with Death Standing you start off using stealth to avoid any BTs and then later in the game start creating and using guns. The game is also not focused on fighting the enemy but trying to reconnect people throughout the country to start working together by being a porter.

While playing the game you can very easily recognize two actor cameos. The first one is Sam Bridges, who the actor for him is Norman Reedus. The other and more fun one, is a citizen you meet during the mission, Conan O’Brien. There are also a lot more cameos within the game. Can you find them all?

Death Stranding is only for Playstation 4 and the PC.

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