Baking Day

So because I used to love baking I thought this week I would take a night out of the week and make something new and yummy for a Halloween snack for my boyfriend and I. I decided on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I have always heard of oatmeal raisin cookies, but never oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Those are my boyfriend’s favorite cookie apparently and he has been dying to see just how skilled I am at cookie making. So I followed a recipe I found on Pinterest like I always do and here is the results! I think I might make something more Halloween themed before the week ends because I want to be more festive even if I haven’t been able to do much in the past years. I’ll let you guys vote what kind of Halloween snack I should make, I’ll make it next week even if it is after Halloween. I don’t give a BOO!

Option #1: Mud Grave Yard
Option #2: Chocolate Strawberry Faces


  • Sara Mentz

    OMG those recipies are absolutly adorable! The mud graveyard reminds me of Elementary school mud cups. I think you should try and make those!!

  • kelsey preisler

    The self-care that you do is so amazing and inspiring! Thanks for sharing what you do! I also these recipes look so yummy! I definitely think you should try the strawberries!

  • Gabriella Neurock

    This is SUCH a good idea. My roommates and I also made a bunch of cute/festive desserts and appetizers for Halloween! I wish I saw the graveyard cups because I definitely would have tried making those!

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