New Adventures

  • New Adventures

    Halloween Spirit

    Well on this week’s blog post check list was do something I had never done before. Since jumping out of an airplane weather is gone now, and I already tried new food, and a lot of my bucket list consisted of couple things, I decided to ask Aaron to join me on this bucket list blog post. Halloween was around the corner and I had never gotten to go to any event with a significant other that wanted to dress up for Halloween. By that I mean, none of my ex’s even wanted to dress up, let alone, go in a couple costume with me. So I figured I’d test…

  • New Adventures

    Trying New Things

    Today’s blog is about trying new foods, as I’m sure you can guess! I love trying new restaurants and new cities and I thought it would be a good idea to spend some quality time with myself while I’m on the journey of rediscovering who I am. I commented to Whitewater for the past two years and I never really experienced anything on campus with friends but I’ve heard this place, Cozumel Mexican Restaurant, has really good Mexican food and I was happy to try it! I ordered something I had never tried before because pushing myself out of my comfort zone helps me find new likes/dislikes in life and…