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Halloween Spirit

Well on this week’s blog post check list was do something I had never done before. Since jumping out of an airplane weather is gone now, and I already tried new food, and a lot of my bucket list consisted of couple things, I decided to ask Aaron to join me on this bucket list blog post. Halloween was around the corner and I had never gotten to go to any event with a significant other that wanted to dress up for Halloween. By that I mean, none of my ex’s even wanted to dress up, let alone, go in a couple costume with me. So I figured I’d test the waters and see what this new boy’s opinion would be on the subject.

***here’s a small update on how the “new-ish” relationship is going***

At this point in our relationship of 4 months, as of today (happy mini-anniversary or whatever), we have been doing better than I could have imagined. He is supportive, encouraging/motivational, compassionate, and adventurous. I have not found anything that we haven’t been able to talk out. So I expected there to be a flaw somewhere in the near future with this man. But, I stand corrected again.

I asked him what his Halloween plans were and if he and his room mates ever went to parties or anything before covid. Just the general questions, and I managed to slip in if he would ever go in a costume or couple costume with a girl. I kid you not, this man… He got excited and said we better have a good costume to dress up in together this year. So here I am, next to my fun and cute boyfriend dress as Bugs Bunny and Lola from Looney Tunes Space Jam, the same costume that has been in my Pinterest Halloween Private board that I always wanted to do with a guy. And next week’s post won’t be so relationship-y I promise.


  • Meaghan OHara

    You look great! You seem so happy, thats amazing you found someone who encourages you to be you. I love your costumes!
    Great post!

    • Gabriella Neurock

      This is so cute! I am so glad you found someone that makes you so happy! I have been with my boyfriend for a year now and I so remember that feeling in the beginning! You really do know when you’re with the right person! I may not know you personally but I really do wish you the best! This was such a genuine and beautiful post!

  • Josie Ewers

    This is such an uplifting post! I have always thought couple costumes for Halloween were adorable, and I was lucky enough to find my perfect costume partner a year and a half ago. Bugs and Lola are a classic duo…so happy for you!

  • Elijia Knight

    Hello Ashley,

    I thought the post was warm and kind of romantic. I know what you mean about being unsure about someone in a relationship. In a way, you’re kind of getting to know the real “them” the longer you guys stay together. I am currently in a relationship of 9 months after previously being in one for just over four years (I took a much needed break from relationships in between). It’s crazy to say that I’ve been with this girl for 9 months already, it feels like time flies by when you’re with the right person. I hope nothing but the best for you and your guy, he seems great!

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