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The mission for this week was to take myself out on a date. Spend time with myself and attend to my needs myself. Without help from anyone else. I bet some of you have heard about a self-date, or the phrase date yourself first. But you might wonder what that actually encompasses. I started the day out by going to the gym and I was planning on wearing a cute outfit and going out to a restaurant to have a nice meal somewhere new in Whitewater, but after I got thinking about it is that really what I wanted? I needed to reflect about what I was feeling and how I really wanted to spend quality time with myself. So after chowing down some Culver’s I came to the conclusion that what I really wanted was a pampering day. Almost like a mini spa day, if you will.

I lit my favorite candle that I got from a local store in my home town, called Candle Crest. I turned on some music, and I pampered myself with a nice face mask and skin care routine. I put on lotion, painted my toes and nails, and I watched The Office for the third time this year. I honestly couldn’t have been more relaxed and content and I am proud that I recognized what I needed and was able to fulfill the goal. I am now recharged and ready to take on the next mountain of homework. Wish me luck!


  • Sara Mentz

    I love that you were able to really dig deep into what you needed instead of just doing what you thought would be good. This blog is super awesome and I wish you luck on your journey, Ashley!

  • Jillian Mrugacz

    This was a very helpful post, I find sometimes I forget to check in with myself and this will totally help me to do that. I really liked your post and will be scheduling a self date with myself this week.

  • Meaghan O'Hara

    I love following you along on your journey! You go girl, keep killing it, self care is very important. Take yourself on a date! Enjoy yourself 🙂

  • Gabriella Neurock

    I’m so happy you are finding time to spend focusing on yourself and makings time for self care. I know this is really hard for me and a lot of the times I tend to feel like I don’t deserve it, when that is so far from true. I really hope you keep doing this!!!

  • Auburn Luedtke

    Self love is the most important thing, and I’m glad you’re stressing it to others. Everyone needs some time alone, and I like that you went through all the steps to your self pampering day. Everyone should do this as often as needed. I love this post! Keep it up girl.

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