Financial Literacy – What is it?

What is financial literacy?  Dave Ramsey, a money management expert, defines financial literacy as “the possession of skills that allow people to make smart decisions with their money”.

The effects of a student’s financial decisions can last a lifetime. As a result, many universities across the country are implementing financial literacy programs on their campuses to provide learning opportunities and resources for students.  UW-Whitewater is no exception, and as a result, the Financial Literacy Center (FLC) opened for students this past April.

The Financial Literacy Center is a financial outreach program, committed to the education of students and the campus community on effective personal money management.  The FLC provides individual financial coaching to any student on campus (free and confidential) and presentations for classes, dorm residents, and student organizations.  Additionally, online learning opportunities are available through our website, Facebook and this blog.

Students are encouraged to become financially literate by visiting the Financial Literacy Center today!


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