Higher Education Relief Grant (Spring 2021)

The recent release of the Higher Education Relief Grant, which will hopefully help students truly in need of financial support, the application deadline is March 15th. This grant is meant to assist students in need of money for costs such as tuition, housing, food, health care, child care, and any type of emergency costs.

When applying for the grant, which is the student’s responsibility and has been emailed to all students, make sure you follow the guidelines provided, and are in need of the money. Everyone who applies may not receive the grant as it will be based on the student’s FAFSA. Although, if you do not apply and believe you are in need you will not receive the grant. When receiving this grant, first make sure you accept the offer, then when the check is sent your way make sure you deposit it as soon as possible!

As a grant, it is not money that you will need to pay back. With this in mind, many may think it will cover the costs for a vacation, clothes, accessories, and whatever non-essential costs that may arise. Instead, this is an opportunity to pay off current expenses, costs, and future debt. It may seem very enticing to take that trip, but this could cause for future stress and create a financial burden that will hurt in the long run.

If you are in need of assistance as to how to allocate this money with your expenses, need help building a budget, or even want overall guidance financially, I urge you to visit the Financial Literacy Center.