Impulse Spending is on the Rise!

In a recent survey Sarah O’Brien a Personal finance reporter found that 45% of the respondents know they are overspending since last reported in April 2021.  Credit card debit is at nearly $1 trillion in 2021 and is climbing.  Below are some tips to help/curb the overspending urges:

1. Start a budget or if you already have a budget it is time to re-evaluate your current budget.

2. Think about your goals: to be debt-free, go on vacation, buy a home and write them down and before you act on your spending look over your goals.

3. Leave the item in your shopping cart for at least 24 hours.  Do you have the strong need for the item or have you forgotten about it?

4. Unsubscribe from marketing emails.

5. Take your credit cards off of your apps on your cell phone.

Pick one, two or all of the above tips and implement a plan to work towards your goals and improve your overall financial wellness.  Take charge of your finances now to set yourself up for future success and freedom.  For more information or to set up a financial coaching session, contact the UWW Financial Literacy Center.

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