What If I Didn’t Get Enough Financial Aid?

Whether you’re starting your last or first year of college, what are your options when financial aid doesn’t stretch far enough?

  • Seek Scholarships.  Apply for additional state, local, and private scholarships.  Use these tools from the NASFAA, the US Department of Labor, and UW-Whitewater to apply for additional gift aid.
  • Appeal Award.  An appeal to the UWW Financial Aid Department is an option; however, your appeal will be more successful if there was an error on your FAFSA application or there has been a change in family circumstances.
  • Part-Time Work.  During the school year and summer, work a job.  Many students work to offset the cost of their education. Be sure to balance your job with your academics.  Check out the UWW Handshake job board for employment opportunities both on campus and around the Whitewater community.
  • Live at home.  If you are within commuting distance, consider saving on room and board fees by living at home.
  • Take Out Student Loans.  Generally, federal student loan interest rates are lower and have more flexible repayment options compared to private student loans.  However, when federal aid isn’t enough, private loans through financial institutions may be obtained.

College is expensive, and paying your bills is a part of the process.  Decide on a plan of action, and follow through.

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