Where to Get the Best Book Deals

If you’re like me, and want the hope of one day owning a library the size of the Beast’s library in Beauty and the Beast, there are ways to get good quality books for cheap prices.


Thrift Books

Thriftbooks.com is a great start to look at book deals. This website is a magical place. While these books are cheap, because they are from previous owners, my experiences while using this website has always been positive. I have gotten so many books from there for cheap but great quality. Seriously, each Harry Potter book is less than five bucks! While some newer books aren’t as cheap, if you’re looking to expand your book series, or look for new reads, I would start with thriftbooks.com

Half Price Books

Half Price books is one of my favorite books stores. Unlike thriftbooks.com, Half Price Books an actual physical bookstore! They also have their own website too! While Half Priced Books does have a pretty wide selection of books they also have great prices! I have been to this store a few times, and I never leave here empty handed. There are locations in Brookfield, Wisconsin and Madison, Wisconsin. I would suggest that if you cannot find the book you are looking for through Thrift Books, try Half Price Books. If you still cannot find the book you are looking for, then I would try your regular book store.

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