The Forgotten Book by Mecthild Glaser

Emma goes to this boarding school in Germany, where everything goes her way. Her dad is the headmaster, she has a crush on this boy who she believes likes her back, and she is determined to be elected Head Girl next year. But when Darcy arrives, everything she wants goes wrong, especially when she finds this book that whenever she writes comes true.

Based on what the cover looks like, I assumed that this was the sequel of The Book Jumper, which I previously reviewed. So, I accidentally bought this book first, thinking that it was the sequel. So I bought and read The Book Jumper, and loved it. Once I started to read The Forgotten Book, I realized that this book is not a sequel. Upon further investigation, this book is only takes place within the same world as The Book Jumper. It is also, upon research, is a different version of Pride and Prejudice. 

In all honesty, I would probably give this book an 8/10. Why? Because this book was not what I expected it to be. Also, some parts were incredibly slow and Emma was always constantly complaining if things did not go her own way. While I was disappointed that the book was not what I expected it too be, it was an over all enjoyable story full of plot twists, romance, funny, and over all enjoyable. I would recommend this book for those who enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, those who enjoyed The Book Jumper, and for those who enjoy mysteries.

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