February 7, 2018

About Me


My name is Sam. I am a senior at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. When I was in 7th grade I got really into reading, unfortunately, with Twilight. I used to get into trouble in school because of how quickly I was going through books. Since then, for every Christmas and Birthday, I would ask for books. My life goal is to have a library the size of Beast’s library in Beauty and the Beast. I mostly read fantasy and some occasional realistic fiction. What I want to be able to accomplish for those readers who are into the fantasy genre, to be able to find new books to read, figure out if a book is worth buying/adding to your own collections, etc. I will be posting books that I have read numerous of times, but books that I have recently read as well. I will be doing a combination of series and individual novels, it really just depends on the books themselves. For example, I’m not going to do all 7 books for Harry Potter. I will be posting every Wednesday and Friday!