Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell follows two twins: Cath and Wren. Cath and Wren have done absolutely everything together, until they decide to go to college and Wren wants to know what life is like outside of Cath. In the book, you see Cath trying to figure out herself while dealing with being away from home, boys, school, and her mother that left on 9/11, wants to be in Cath and Wren’s lives. And while Cath is trying to keep up with it all, Cath must finish her fanfiction before the last book in her favorite series comes out.

I love reading this book every time I’m done with a semester. It allows me to reflect on what my semester was like. It’s cute and quirky, and makes me fall in love with it all over again each time I read it. I read this book the first time around the time I was first going to college. It was my confirmation that no matter how scary the world outside of high school was, everything was going to be okay. I would encourage those who are in college to read it, no matter what year. I would also encourage those who love to read or write fanfiction, those who are about to go to college, those who love Harry Potter (you’ll see some correlation between the Harry Potter fan base and Cath’s writing), and those who over all love a good story.

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